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 Steps to setup:

  1. Import a sprite sheet where every frame is in a separate column and every different sprite (stand,jump,walk) is in a separate row <check sonic.png sprite in the UV Editor>
  2. resize your mesh in edit mode to fit the size you desire
  3. resize the UVs to fit the first frame only (Your Sprite Sheet should be uniformly/equaly distributed) <Ring.png is an example of bad sprite>
  4. create a PythonController in the Sprite Object and connect it to an always sensor with Positive Trigger on <you can also use a property sensor if you want to switch the sprite script off and on)
  5. create the following Properties in the sprite object:
            - sprite_index  -> Int        : The Current Frame of the sprite
            - image_index    -> Int        : The Current Sprite/Image of the sprite
            - sprite_len    -> Int        : The Number of Frames of the Current Sprite
            - sprite_speed    -> Float    : The Speed of the sprite animation
            - spr_loop        -> Boolean    : To restart the Sprite after it ends        
  6. Adjust the properties above based on your events/inputs:
            - To change the sprite, change the image_index and sprite_len to match the order of the desired sprite in your Sprite Sheet <UV Editor>
            - Changing the sprite will always set the sprite_index to 0 , so if you want to start from the middle, you can change the sprite index after changing the image_index < in the next frame >

 Examples :    

You can find a demo file explaining how to use the script :
- Check the sonic object for advanced sprite control reference
- Check the ring object for simple sprite control reference

* Please Give Credits if used


    All sonic visuals used in the examples belong to SEGA and I don't own any of them


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