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Atlas tile wrapper allows you to repeat tiles in a Atlas Texture in both direction (just like trim sheets)

Reduce material setup time and baking multiple objects at once ,
Reduce draw calls,
smaller textures but better resolution after repetition.

Video Tutorial / Timelapse: 

How to use (Blender):

  1. Create a material
  2. Import Atlas Textures and set them to (Closest)
  3. Add the NodeTree "Atlas Tile mapper" and adjust the parameters :
    Repeat = how many times will the texture repeat
    TileCountX= number of horizontal tiles
    TileCountY= number of Vertical tiles (Should equal TileCountX for now)
  4. Connect it as a UV vector to the textures
  5. Project UVs for each part in your model to the desired tile (Cube map preferred)
    Note: adjusting the scale in the UV map will reduce/increase the repetition

How to use (Godot):

  1. Import Atlas Textures
  2. Create a shader material
  3. Add the "Atlas Tile wrapper" shader and adjust the parameters :
    AO Light Affect = Strength of the AO texture
    Emission Energy = Strength of Emission Texture
    Normal Scale = Bumpiness of the Normal Map texture
    Triplanar = Use World Position instead of Model UV (useful in Modular kits)
    UV1 Blend Sharpness = Triplanar fading smoothness/sharpness
    UV1 Scale (Keep this to 1,1,1 unless you know what you do)
    UV1 Offset = offset to the texture (useful for Fluid/Water Atlas Textures)
    Tile Count = Number of tiles in the Atlas Texture (should be the same for now)
    Scale = Number of repetitions
    Albedo,Specular,Metalic,Roughness,Emission,Normal,AO = Atlas Textures
    Texture AO UV2 = use UV2 for a baked AO texture
  4. If you had artifacts Disable Filter and Mipmapping from import settings in the Atlas textures
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Atlas Tile Wrapper Shader (for Godot & Blender) 93 kB
Simple Demo (Staff) 7 MB
Blender Demo 45 MB
Godot Demo 15 MB

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