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لعبة خمسة (اسم, حيوان ,نبات ,جماد ,بلاد)  و لكن بالبطاقات

طريقة اللعب 


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Hello. Thank you for interesting game. Could you give me it's English rules, please?

Hmm sure, you have a set of cards in your hands and on the ground

You need to keep swapping your unwanted cards with cards on the ground

The goal is to have a full set of cards which starts with the same letter

And each card in the set should be of a different category

An example can be collecting : Bob/Bear/Banana/bell/Belgium

Notice that they all start with B But they are categorized as following: Human name, animal , plant, object, country/city

And each category has a color

The game was originally known to a guessing game where you compete against your peers to guess words that start with a specific letter of each category of the mentioned previously

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The game was created for an Arabic only game jam, so it’s really fine if you couldn’t get the game

Although you can easily win by noticing the first letter (in red) and having a set made up of totally different colors

Have fun fella 🥂